Questions to Ask an Antique Dealer Before Making a Deal

Questions to Ask an Antique Dealer Before Making a Deal

Whether you want to buy or sell antique items, you will have to be really careful. That is because there are many scammers waiting to rip you off in the market. That is why you will need proper research, patience and knowledge to understand everything when making antique deals.

If you want to gather a good amount of information about any antique piece before buying it, there are a few important questions you must ask the antique dealer selling it. Here are a few of those important questions.

What’s The Proof That It’s Real Antique?

It is a fact that market is full of fake antiques these days. Almost every dealer, no matter how experienced he might be, he has been ripped off at least once in his life. Every antique is copied, and is supplied in the market.

However, a good antique dealer like The Boutique Manchester must provide you with proper proof that the antique he’s selling is real. Moreover, if the antique dealer sells copied antiques as well, he must tell the difference between real and fake antiques right away.

What About Return Policy?

Usually, a guarantee of authenticity is more than enough to convince you that the dealer is real. However, in order to make things more clear, you should ask the dealer about his return policy. Your dealer should at least agree to take his antique item back if it is not real.

You should always ask about the return policy of an antique dealer before buying anything from them. This is the best stuff you can take to save your investment in case the antique item comes out to be copied.

These were two of the most important questions you must ask before buying any antique item.

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