New Publication: Contemporary Fiction from Cambodia

New publication:  “Just a Human Being” and Other Tales from Contemporary Cambodia. (Nou Hach Literary Association: Translation Series, No. 1).

All royalties support the Nou Hach Literary Association’s annual summer writers conference in Phnom Penh.  $12.99 in paperback or $2.99 in Kindle edition at .

Cambodian writers represented in this collection of short fiction depict the social, political and economic challenges of life in contemporary Cambodia. The various tales provide humanistic insight into Cambodia’s world of rapid modernization since the 1990s as the country recovers from decades of political and economic instability.

“The prize-winning stories collected in JUST A HUMAN BEING takes us into the heartland of twenty-first century Cambodian life,  and exposes the kingdom’s vibrant literary culture. The stories are by turns brisk, surreal, penetrating and poignant, and I left them eager for a collection twice as long.”  David Chandler