“Zuihitisu Poem”

Contemporary Poetry: Contemporary Life—Random Jottings

 Facilitator:  Jeanne Morel

Written By: Soam Davine

Zuihitisu is a classical Japanese form that has been translated as “following the brush” or “random jottings.” The poet gathers anecdotes, impressions, overheard conversations, lists, proverbs, etc. In this way the form mirrors the mind as it jumps this way and that.

P’chum Bun

On the way to the pagoda I saw broken roads, old cows, and farmers.

The morning was green, black, blue—            my heart was here and there.

I remember the view and the bright sun shining in the countryside.


My mother used to tell me— step by step—


I was hot and thirsty under in the sun, yet fresh with the voice of laughing,

fresh with the sound of my family and birds.

The rock mountain and trees said hello to me.


I touched a leaf, smooth with moisture, smooth with nature.

I put my toes put into the cold waterfall—    wonderful from the high mountain.

On the road back, smiling faces with all my family members, I saw a lot of sellers along the road

in the night time.

—Wisdom everywhere for who wants to gain it from the nature around you.