International Poetry Festival

An international poetry festival titled ‘Northern Europe meets Mekong’ will run throughout June in Battambang, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The festival features writers from Cambodia and Europe who will hold poetry readings at venues throughout Phnom Penh, conduct creative writing workshops with children, and speak at a free one-day seminar at the Buddhist Institute on 20th June.

The festival aims to promote poetry and to share universal ideas between poets from all over the world. Audiences will be entertained with poetry readings at venues as varied as the Australian Centre for Education, the French Cultural Centre and Monument Books, while finding out more about the art of modern poetry.

“The International Poetry Festival will an important event in Cambodia, bringing writers from Europe and Cambodia together to discuss modern poetry,” said Mr Kho Tararith, Director of Nou Hach Literary Association. “The festival aims to remind writers from Cambodia and all over the world about Cambodia’s literary history while exploring new writing – to both conserve traditions and to develop new ideas in Cambodian society,” Mr Kho said.

The month-long festival will come to a peak with a full day seminar on 20th June at the Buddhist Institute featuring writers from Cambodia, Sweden, Iceland, Demark and Fore Island. Hosted by Nou Hach Literary Association, in cooperation with the Sowers Association and the Khmer Writers’ Association abroad, the seminars are now in their seventh year and mark an important event on the Cambodian literary calendar.

“We would like to welcome Cambodians and people from other countries who are interested in this festival to join us throughout June to celebrate poetry and the sharing of ideas,” said Mr Kho.

Nou Hach Literary Association works to promote literature in Cambodia through the production of a literary journal, writing competitions, radio shows, workshops and through their website:

For interviews or more information please contact:

(Khmer) Kho Tararith, Director, 011 955 599, or

(Eng) Laura McKay, 089 820 517